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Acheson: The Pope and the Layman [Pope] - v054

Allam: Ab occultis meis munda me (poem) [Poem] - v049

Allen: The rhesus of euripides [Euripides] - v034

Almond, Leo: Hoe-Lan-Ki Or The Chalk Circle [Hoe-Lam-Ki] - v012

Almond, Leo: The Sacrist Rolls Of Ely. [Ely] - v014

Almond: A Comedy Of Errors. [Shakespeare - or Bacon?] - v016

Almond: A Lover Of Books. [Richard de Bury] - v017

Almond: A Patron Saint Of Rome. [St Laurence outside the walls] - v013

Almond: A Profession Of Unbelief [Gelogy; formation] - v011

Almond: A Scotch Priest Of The Seventeenth Century. [Blackhal, Gilbert] - v012

Almond: A Thomist Text-Book (Review) [St Thomas Aquinas] - v024

Almond: Ampleforth v. Bishop Baines [Baines] - v023

Almond: An Artist's Holiday [St Malo: English monastery] - v001

Almond: An Old Catholic Controversy (Review) [Catholic revival] - v015

Almond: Beaulieu En Correze. [Beaulieu] - v014

Almond: Beaulieu In The Marsh. [Beaulieu] - v015

Almond: Bishop Hedley and the Ampleforth Journal [Hedley] - v021

Almond: Coming Into Line [Italy] - v014

Almond: La Pucelle De France [Jan of Arc] - v012

Almond: Le Beau Roy De Paris. [France - Wars of Religion] - v016

Almond: Locus Benedictus de Whalley [Whalley] - v020

Almond: Lord Acton (Review) [Acton, Ld] - v012

Almond: Mr John Shakespeare And Son [Shakespeare] - v017

Almond: Religious Parsimony at Brindle [Brindle] - v020

Almond: Roma Immortalis. [Rome] - v013

Almond: Some Early Illustrated Printed Books [Books] - v003

Almond: Some Early Printed Books. [Books] - v003

Almond: Soume Early Printed Bibles. [Bibles] - v003

Almond: St Lawrence. [St Laurence] - v001

Almond: The Beaver's Meadow. [Beverley] - v014

Almond: The Birth Of Belmont Priory. [Belmont] - v017

Almond: The Gelogy of Ampleforth [Geology] - v019

Almond: The Last Of The Dragons. [Rhodes] - v015

Almond: The Making Of An Abbey Church [Downside] - v011

Almond: The Making Of Myth [Myth (growth)] - v016

Almond: The Mystic Of Avila [St Teresa] - v018

Almond: The Recluse Of Stresa. [Rosmini] - v013

Almond: The White Church under the Legh [Whalley Abbey, Blagborneshire] - v019

Almond: Thoms Marwood, Tutor [Marwood] - v016

Almond: Two Brindle Fossils [Geology] - v021

Arkell: A Fourteenth Century Infirmarian - Guido de Cahulhiaco (Chauliac,Montpelier: was our MS180) [Guy de Chauliac] - v011

Athill: For R.B., poem [Poem] - v046

Athill: The meaning of culture [Culture] - v047

Atkinson: Leaves from the notebook of a wanderer in australi [Australia] - v052

Atthill: Requiem (poem) [Poem] - v051

Atthill: Twenty-five (poem) [Poem] - v042

Aveling: Anglicanism [Anglicans] - v059

Aveling: Catholics And Parliamentary Sequestrations [Recusants] - v064

Aveling: Honest To God [Theology (Rev)] - v068

Aveling: Jesuit History [Jesuits] - V070

Aveling: Some Records Of The Reformation In Yorkshire [Reformation] - v058

Aveling: Statistics Of Catholics In The North Riding In Penal Times [Recusancy] - V062

Aveling: The Monks Of Byland Abbey After The Dissolution [Byland] - v060

Aveling: The Orthodox Church [Orthodox] - V069

Aveling: The Rievaulx Community After The Dissolution [Rievaulx] - v057

Aveling: The Time Has Come? [Birth Control - Review (Rock)] - V069

Awnys: The fishers of hoi.beck [Fishing] - v048

Awyns: The Tragedy Of Rain [Birds] - v013

Baines: Dr Baines' Diary [Baines] - v014

Baines: Dr. Baines' Diary [Baines] - v014

Baker: Holy Rusticity And Learned Righteousness [Monks & learning] - V078A

Baker: St Antony And Biblical Precedents For The Monastic Vocation [St Anthony, Desert] - V076

Balinski: Catholicism and eastern poland [Poland] - v045

Ballard-Thomas: Wales: A Present Opportunity [Wales, Church in] - v054

Barmann: Baron Friedrich Von Hugel As A Religious Genius [Hugel] - V077

Barry: Faith And Middle Age [Faith] - V074

Barry: Letter To A Nephew On Growing Up In The Faith [Faith] - V072

Barry: Marriage As A Vocation [Marriage] - v068

Barry: Seeing is believing [Faith] - v052

Barry: Some Fundamental Problems Of Religious Education Today [Education] - V077

Barry: The Apologia [Newman] - V069

Barry: The Book [Governance in Hell] - v068

Barry: The Context Of Christian Prayer [Prayer] - V079C

Barry: The Debating Society Jubilee [Debating] - v054

Barry: Thompson Of Kilburn [Thompson Kilburn] - V061

Barry: What Is Happening To The Catholic Church? [Vatican Ii] - V077

Barry: Without Help Of Reed, Stylus Or Pen [Stanbrook Abbey Press] - V076

Barry: 'Till Death Us Do Part [Marriage0] - V069

Barton: St Bede [St Bede] - v056

Barton: The Dirge For Doris (Poem) [Poem] - v018

Bateman: School pastimes in merrie england [Medieval school ] - v034

Baum: The Institutional Church [Church] - V072

Beckwith: Current trends in french literature [France] - v051

Benenson: The sword of the spirit [Sword of the Spirit] - v046

Bennett: Little Gidding [Little Gidding] - V079A

Berners: The Retreat from Mons [Mons] - v020

Bethell: Monuments And Muniments (Review, Dobson, 1973) [Durham Priory] - V079B

Bevenot: A memorial of oxford martyrs [Oxford Martyrs] - v029

Bevenot: The hovingham music festivals [Hovingham] - v049

Bevenot: The hovingham music festivals (concluded) [Hovingham] - v050

Bevenot: The Poems of Michael Fenwick II [Fenwick] - v053

Bildt: Monte cassino [Monte Cassino] - v032

Bildt: Monte cassino : ii [Montes Cassino] - v032

Bildt: Subiaco : ii [Subiaco] - v033

Bildt: Subiaco [Suiaco] - v033

Binchy: Church and state in fascist italy: [Italy] - v047

Blundell: Medieval schools and rules [Medieval schools] - v029

Boddy: The Fireman's Button: A Burlesque. [Parody of Sherlock Holmes] - v001

Bolton: A note-book of father wilberforce, o.p. [Wilberforce] - v031

Bolton: Poems : wutheri ng heights; columba [Poem] - v031

Bonner: The Bedan Conference [St Bede] - V079B

Bossy: The Catholic Community Of Yorkshire, 1558-1791 [Aveling studies] - V078B

Bourne: Bishop Hedley [Hedley] - v021

Boyd: The Turmoil Of Adolescence [Adolescence] - V072

Bradley: Ampleforth Lists 1831-38; 1839-46; 1847-54 [Lists] - v001

Braybrooke: Seascapeâ€"poem [Poem] - v046

Brockman: The relief of orleans, 1429 (poem) [Joan of Arc] - v052

Burge: A Note on the Conversion of W. C. Hutchison, fathe [Hutchison] - v023

Burge: A pioneer of the catholic evidence guild [Catholc Evidence Guild] - v032

Burge: A worthy son of st lawrence : father t. a. cockshu [Cockshoot] - v034

Burge: A worthy son of st lawrence's: dom a nsel m cocksh [Cockshoot] - v033

Burge: Memories of the years 1860-1865 at ampleforth [Memories] - v032

Burge: Shall We Sing The Gregorian Chant With Rhythm [Plainsong] - v003

Burge: The Epiclesis Of The Mass. [Mass] - v016

Burge: The Examination Of Recent Rhythmic Theories Critic [Plainsong] - v011

Burge: The Journey Of The Monks [St Augustine] - v003

Burns: Gerard Manley Hopkins [Hopkins] - v056

Burns: I Was There - The Reason Why [Light Brigade Film] - V073

Burns: Leave In Kyoto [Japan] - v059

Burrows: Anglican Orders I The Present Position [Anglican Orders] - V073

Burrows: The Ecumenical Significance Of The New Eucharistic Canons [Eucharist] - V074

Burrows: The Meaning And The Future Development Of The Canon Of The Mass [Liturgy, Translation] - V073

Butler: Cognitional Theory (Review, Lonergan, 1974) [Lonergan] - V079C

Byrne: A Mystery Play (By The Rev. R. H. Benson). [Benson] - v015

Byrne: Days in Rome, September 1947 [Abbots Congress] - v053

Byrne: Latin And The Average Boy. [Latin] - v018

Byrne: Spiritual Reading [Lectio] - V080C

Byrne: The Substance of Shakespearian Tragedy [Shakespeare] - v011

Caesar: Aristotle and the undertakers [Aristotle] - v049

Caesar: Christian Democracy In Western Europe 1820—1953 [Christian Democracy] - v063

Caesar: Contrivers of novelty [Faith] - v028

Caesar: Faith and its critics [Faith] - v029

Caesar: Lindisfarne [Lindisfarne] - v027

Caesar: No. 10 Hut [War 1914] - v025

Caesar: On reading the apocalypse [Apocalypse] - v034

Caesar: The Doctor of Paradox [Chesterton] - v054

Caesar: Voice From The Midi [Thibon, Gustave] - v056

Calaghan: The Story Of Mount St Benedict [Mount St Benedict] - v063

Calder: Freedom Begins With Breakfast [Population Growth] - V072

Calvert: To The Humble Bee. Poem [Poem] - v001

Calvert: What The Plague in India Means. [India] - v003

Camm: Some Devonshire Screens [Devon] - v011

Camm: Some Devonshire Screens. [Devon] - v011

Campbell: Observations On The Conversion Of England (Review, Mayr-Harting, 1972) [Anglo-Saxons] - V078B

Campbell: The First Century Of Christianity In England [Anglo-Saxon Church] - V076

Capecelatro: Memoir Of Boniface Krug [Krug] - v016

Capelcelatro: Memoir Of Dom Boniface Krug. [Krug] - v016

Cary-Elwes: A life of saint wilfrid (continued) [St Wilfrid] - v046

Cary-Elwes: A Trip To Subiaco [Subiaco] - v058

Cary-Elwes: Control of industry? by whom ? [Social Justice] - v049

Cary-Elwes: Diary of a Visit to Rome [Rome] - v055

Cary-Elwes: Newman and the party of 1833 [Newman] - v039

Cary-Elwes: Saint Louis Priory [St Louis] - V062

Cary-Elwes: Saint wilfrid (conclude) [St Wilfrid] - v046

Cary-Elwes: Santo domingo de silos [Silos] - v038

Cary-Elwes: Some reflections on the significance of the conver [Newman] - v050

Cary-Elwes: St wilfrid [St Wilfrid] - v046

Cary-Elwes: The Letters Of St Teresa Of Jesus [St Teresa] - v057

Cary-Elwes: The Third World : Monastic Foundations In Africa [Africa] - V075

Cary-Elwes: Twentieth century catholicism [Catholicism] - v042

Cary-Elwes: With Confucious to Christ [Confucius] - v053

Casartelli: Bishop Hedley's Literary Work. [Hedley] - v021

Chadwick: Mary And Ecumenism [Ecumenism] - V077

Chamberlain: A Day In Ancient Rome. About The End Of The First [Rome] - v013

Chamberlain: Ceilidh [Eigg] - v063

Chamier: Antarctic Summer [Antarctica] - v063

Charles-Edwards: A Letter To Sumpsimus [Liturgy Translation] - V072

Charles-Edwards: Jesuits and other wicked persons [Anti-Catholic] - v050

Charles-Edwards: Poland's war [Poland] - v048

Charlton: Euripides-Sophist Or Deist [Euripides] - v058

Cheney: The yeoman's house of the fifteenth century [Medieval houses] - v031

Childe: April sylvan [Poem] - v036

Childe: Compline on easter eve [Poem] - v036

Childe: Garden in march twilight [Poem] - v037

Childe: Mass at rievaulx [Rievaulx] - v038

Childe: North country easter (poem) [Poem] - v034

Childe: Passing through lorraine [Lorraine] - v035

Childe: Poetry : the new abbey [Poem] - v030

Clifford: Sonnet, Tellus Mater Dormit. (Poem) [Poem] - v018

Coant: The Enigma Of Abbot Berno's Tomb At Cluny [Cluny] - V079B

Cody: Lanherne. [Lanherne] - v011

Cody: Melrose. (A Dissertation.) [Melrose] - v013

Cody: Pre-Reformation Relics. [Medieval vestments, Warrington] - v001

Cody: The Benedictine Convents In England: 3 St. Mary's [Oulton] - v003

Cody: The Benedictine Revolution Of The Fifteenth Centur [Reform] - v001

Cody: Wetheral Priory [Wetheral] - v023

Coghlan: An Unforgettable Experience [Mountain Rescue] - V071

Coleman: Paul Nevill [Nevill] - v060

Collins: Shakespeare at ampleforth [Shakespeare] - v033

Colwich: St Benedict's Priory Colwich [Colwich] - v011

Colwich: St Benedict's Priory, Colwich [Colwich] - v014

Colwich: St Benedict's Priry - Additional Details [Colwich] - v014

Colwich: St. Benedict's Priory, Colwich, Stafford [Colwich] - v012

Colwich: St. Benedict's Priory, Colwich, Stafford... [Colwich] - v013

Colwich: St. Benedict'S Priory, Colwich, Stafford .. [Colwich] - v014

Colwich: St. Benedict'S Priory, Colwich, Stafford [Colwich] - v015

Colwich: St. Benedict'S Priory, Colwichi, Stafford [Colwich] - v013

Comyn: Bruges. [Bruges] - v013

Comyn: Migration Of The Northmen. [Migration] - v014

Comyn: Poem From The German Of R. Volker. [Volker] - v014

Comyn: The Banished Douglas. [Douglas] - v015

Comyn: The Legend Of A Child (Poem) [Poem] - v018

Comyn: Wind: A Point Of View. [Wind] - v017

Condon: Catholic Worship [Liturgy] - v066

Condon: Yoga And Christianity [Yoga] - v067

Connery: Peru - Poverty And Progress [Peru] - V070

Cooper: Kierkegaard : A Holy Hypochondriac (1813-55) [Lierkegaard] - V072

Corbett-Palmer: Bells [Bells] - v036

Corbishleyt: The Experience Of God [Experience of God] - V078B

Corbould: Ampleforth Abbey Church [Abbey Church] - v066

Corbould: Leyland New Church [Leyland] - V069

Corbould: Renewal In Church Architecture [Church Architecture] - v068

Corboy: The young christian workers [YCW] - v045

Corlett: A Pilgrimage to Lourdes [Lourdes] - v001

Cornewall: Perils from false brethren [Recusant informers] - v031

Cornewall: The public record office [Public Record Office] - v033

Cossart: French intellectualism [France] - v051

Coventry: Notes On Authority Today [Athority] - V073

Coventry: The Church'S Attitude To Unity [Ecumenism] - V071

Coventry: The Church'S Authority To Teach Today [Authority] - V077

Cowper: Mary Tudor [Mary Tudor] - v063

Crean: An elephant hunt in burma [Elephants] - v034

Crehan: Restoring Whitsuntide [Whitsuntide] - V077

Crichton: Some Impressions Of The Church In America [American Catholics] - V069

Cullinan: Fatima 1916 And 1951 [Fatima] - v057

Cullinan: The Council And Renewal [Vatican Ii] - v067

Cullinan: What God Has Put Together [Science & Religion] - v064

Cummins: A Byland Bishop. [Byland] - v014

Cummins: A Cumberland Nunnery: a passing and a return [Holme Eden] - v027

Cummins: A fortress abbey [Fort Augustus] - v036

Cummins: A Lay Convert: WG Ward (Review): [Ward, WG] - v018

Cummins: A modern hermit [Hermits] - v029

Cummins: A seaside parish [Maryport] - v033

Cummins: A Southumbrian Mission [Spilsby, Lincs] - v012

Cummins: A strange story [Ghost experience] - v032

Cummins: A Yorkshire Hermitage - Easingwold [Easingwold] - v024

Cummins: Abbot feckenham [Feckenham] - v042

Cummins: Abbot feckenham (continued) [Feckenham] - v043

Cummins: Bishop Hedley. [Hedley] - v021

Cummins: Bisiiop slater (1774-1932) [Slater, Bp] - v037

Cummins: Blessed Balbus. [Fantasy] - v017

Cummins: Byland ghost stories [Byland] - v028

Cummins: Byland ghost stories [BYland] - v029

Cummins: Canon Hedley. [Hedley] - v021

Cummins: Catholic emancipation [Emancipation] - v035

Cummins: Darnley'S Execution. A Plea For Mary, Queen Of Sco [Mary quoeen of Scots] - v015

Cummins: Dom Devil Driver Osb (Cacciadivolo, Dom Girolamo A [Armineo, Girolamo] - v012

Cummins: Forgotten Fights. I - The Battle Of Belmont. [Battles] - v015

Cummins: Forgotten Fights. Ii - The Chapter Of Myton; Iii - [Battles] - v016

Cummins: Forgotten Fights. Iv - The Battle Of Byland. [Battles] - v016

Cummins: Francis Thompson. [Thompson] - v013

Cummins: Hermits of to-day [Hermits] - v028

Cummins: Holiday Rambles - A Week I Russia 2 [Russia] - v017

Cummins: Holiday Rambles Iii. A Week In Russia - I [Russia] - v017

Cummins: Holiday rambles in spain [Spain] - v039

Cummins: Holiday Rambles Notes On Norway [Norway] - v014

Cummins: Holiday Rambles. Ii - Danubian Abbeys. [Danube] - v013

Cummins: Knaresborough [Knaresborough] - v034

Cummins: Mysticism and purgatory [Mysticism] - v040

Cummins: Mysticism: a psychological study. [Mysticism] - v032

Cummins: Newburgh Priory and the Fauconbergs [Newburgh] - v020

Cummins: Newburgh Priory and the Fauconbergs [Newburgh] - v020

Cummins: Our Lady of the Crag [Knaresborough] - v022

Cummins: Our Lady's Chaplain [St Ildephonsus] - v021

Cummins: Our Lady's Chaplain, II [St ldephonsus] - v022

Cummins: Saint cuthbert [St Cuthbert] - v041

Cummins: Spirits From The Deep: A Spiritualist Seance [Spiritism] - v018

Cummins: St cuthbert's relics [St Cuthbert] - v030

Cummins: Strange But True [pp 289-300 missing] [Ghost experience] - v015

Cummins: Strange Stories from Italy [Italy] - v026

Cummins: Subiaco [Subiaco] - v030

Cummins: The Belfry Spectre [Piercefield; possible suicide] - v023

Cummins: The Coming Or The Monks. A.D. 597. [St Augustine] - v003

Cummins: The Hermit of Knaresborough [St Robert] - v022

Cummins: The Hills Of Help - Jubilee Sermon, Belmont [Belmont] - v016

Cummins: The Necrology (Review) [Necorlogy] - v019

Cummins: The Order of St Benedict [Benedictines] - v025

Cummins: The Rood Of Winton. [Canute (Knut)] - v003

Cummins: The vatican state [Vatican] - v034

Cummins: Titular Honours of English Benedictines [Titular honour] - v027

Cummins: Two Months On A Troopship [Troopship] - v001

Cummins: Two Months On A' Roopship (Continued), Or A Week I [Troopship] - v001

D'Andria: A fragment of history [Egypt – Wen-Amon] - v029

D'Andria: Mediaeval Travel and Travellers - 2 [Medieval] - v023

D'Andria: Mr Wells and the Sphinx (review) [Wells, Outline of History] - v025

D'Andria: The first individual in history [Egypt - Akhenaten] - v028

D'Andria: The Historical Novel [Novel] - v022

D'Andria: The serious side of chess [Chess] - v047

Davey: A modern poet [de la Mare] - v028

Davey: The molecatcher [Molecatcher] - v028

Davidson: Cardinal Pole [Pole, Cardinal] - v063

Davie: Blake?S Divinity [Blake] - V080A

Davis: A Hidden God [Faith] - V072

Davis: India And Foreign Aid [India] - V070

Dawson: An Island in the Western Seas. [Eigg] - v019

De Hueck: Two Scenes [Communism Experienced] - V071

De Rosa: The Trinity And Worship [Trinity] - V069

De Zulueta: Spain at the crossroads [Spain] - v039

De Zulueta: The league of christ the king [L.O.C.K.] - v045

De Zulueta: Vespers at westminster [Westminster] - v030

Dessain: Cardinal Newman And Eternal Punishment [Newman] - V076

Devlin: Another Man's Conscience [Reformation (review, P.Hughes)] - v056

Dewsbery: Charlotte and emily bronte [Brontes] - v031

Dieulouard: A gift from dieulouard [Dieulouard] - v032

Dobson: The First Norman Abbey In Northern England [Selby Abbey] - V074

Dodd: The Gospel According To John [Gospel] - V077

Dolan: The Birds Of Yorkshire [Birds] - v014

Dominian: Formation Of A Celibate [Celibacy] - V080A

Dominian: The Christian Response To Marital Breakdown [Marriage] - V073

Donovan: Social problems and the prophets [Prophets] - v046

Donovan: Spirit And Flesh [Spirit and Flesh] - V061

Dormer: The meistersinger of nuremberg [Hitler] - v043

Douglas: The Douglas Dictionary [Douglas Dictionary] - V080C

Duggan: The Significance Of The Becket Dispute In The History Of The English Church [St Thomas Becket] - V075

Dumore: Three poems [Poems] - v052

Duncan: Fashion : The Suppression Of Personality [Fashion] - V072

Dunne: The Missionary In China : Past, Present, Future [China] - V078C

Easter: Scouting in Preparatory Schools [Scouting] - v026

Echlin: Ministry And Ordination [orders] - V079A

Echlin: The Developing Petrine Office And Thomas Cranmer [Cranmer] - V076

Echlin: The Ministry : A New Approach [Ecumenism] - V077

Echlin: Towards A Contemporary Appropriation Of Apostolicae Curae [Anglicn Orders] - V077

Edelby: The Viewpoint Of An Eastern Catholic [Eastern Rite] - V070

Editorial: ? ? ? [Ampleforth Journal cuts] - V080B

Editorial: A New Dark Age [Monasteries & base communities] - V078A

Editorial: Co-Operation Versus Competition [Competition] - V074

Editorial: Down With Middle-Class Values - I [Middle Class] - V071

Editorial: Ecclesia Anglicana [Anglicans] - V079A

Editorial: Ecumenism & Authority [Ecumenism] - V073

Editorial: Fundamental Principles [individualism] - V080A

Editorial: Icon Of The Unseen God [Shroud] - V074

Editorial: Konrad Adenhauer [Adenauer] - V072

Editorial: Lex Libertatis [Authority, Spirit] - V076

Editorial: Monastic History [Monastic History] - V079B

Editorial: My Brother's Keeper [Rich and poor] - V078C

Editorial: Necessary Compromise [Compromise: Church and world] - V078B

Editorial: On Infallibility [Infallibility] - V076

Editorial: On Martyrdom [Martyrs] - V075

Editorial: On Stability [Satbility] - V076

Editorial: Pray For Paul Our Pope [Paul Vi] - V074

Editorial: Priesthood : Another Realm Of The Gifts Of The Spirit [Priesthood] - V079C

Editorial: The 1960s, The Church's Richest Decade [Vatican Ii] - V075

Editorial: The 1970s, A Decade Of Foreboding [Change in culture] - V075

Editorial: The Church In Transition [Church] - V072

Editorial: The Neuralgic Points [Ecumenism] - V077

Editorial: The Role Of The Prophet [Prophets] - V077

Editorial: The Whole Ministry [Orders] - V079C

Editorial: Tridentine Mass [Tridentine Mass] - V080C

Editorial: Zagorsk And Ampleforth [Zagorsk] - V071

Edtorial: Aelredian Eighth Centenary Celebrations At Rievaulx [Rievaulx] - V072

Edtorial: In The Time Of Aelred [Rievaulx] - V072

Edtorial: On Change [Change] - V072

Edtorial: On Mystery [Mystery] - V073

Edtorial: The Eighth Centenary Of Rievaulx Abbey [Rievaulx] - V072

Edtorial: Unity & Plurality [Ecumenim] - V073

Edye: Love Among the Roses [Poem] - v055

Edye: Poem [Poem] - v059

Edye: The Three Poets (Poem) [Poem] - v057

Egerton WA: The mosque of st sophia [Sancta Sophia] - v035

Egerton: The ampleforth hostel [Hostel] - v042

EJW: The Bereavement (Poem) [Poem] - v017

Ellis-Rees: On the place of rime in verse [Rhyme] - v052

Everest: A Gift of the Ice [Geology] - V062

Everest: The Recent Ice Age In The Ampleforth Country [Ice Age] - v060

Falon: Pop Music [Pop Music] - V070

Fane-Saunders: To University In France [France] - v068

Fawcett: Racialism [Racialism] - V069

Fellowes: Thirty Years Of Rhodesian V.S.O. [Rhodesia] - V071

Fenwick: The poems of michael fenwick (i) [Fenwick] - v052

Field: The Spark Of Life [Children's Family Trust] - V071

Fimmear: Principles of social justice [Socia; Justice] - v046

Fisher, Todhunter: Full Communion [Ecumenism] - V077

Fitzalan-Howard: A page at the coronation [Coronation] - v042

Flaxman: Catholic Evidencing [Evidence Guild] - v066

Foley: Douai: Seed-Bed Of English Martyrs [Douai English College] - V074

Forbes J: St. Alban Roe, O.S.B [St Alban Roe] - V075

Forbes: Monte Cassino 1944 [Monte Cassino] - V074

Forbes: The Gilling Railway Line [Railway] - v058

Forbes: The Great Chamber At Gilling [Gilling Castle] - v057

Ford: Sua Eminenza [Gasquet, Cardinal] - v020

Forrester: Dr Pusey"S Marriage [Pusey] - V078B

Fowke: Mount Athos - A Monastic Millenary [Athos] - v068

Frankl: From Lecture Hall To Auschwitz [Psychotherapy - Modern Neurosis] - V070

Frankl: Not A Famine Of Bread [Logotherapy And Neurosis] - V071

Fraser: Mary Queen Of Scots In Fact And Fiction [Mary Queen of Scots] - V080B

Frewen: Ecumenism And Objections In Warrington [Ecumenism] - V070

Godfrey: The Bedan Conference [St Bede] - V079B

Godfrey: The Double Monastery In Early English History [Monasticism] - V079B

Goldie: An Old English Parish Church in Days Gone By. [Reading, St Laurence] - v003

Goodall: Capitulation? [New Left Catholics; Slant] - V072

Goodall: Capitulation? [New Left Catholics; Slant] - V072

Goodall: Capitulation? [New Left Catholics; Slant] - V072

Goodall: The Crucial Sacrifice [Eucharist] - V075

Goodall: The Dutch Catechism [Dutch Catechism] - V074

Goodall: The Impact Of The Council [Vatican Ii] - V071

Goodall: The Still Centre (Review, Bp Butler, 1972) [Bishop Butler] - V078C

Goosnargh: The hill chapel, goosnargh [Goosnargh] - v039

Gordon Wheeler: Co-Responsibility [Co-Responsibility] - V074

Gorres: Women In Holy Orders [Women] - V071

Gosling: Humanism In A Cold Climate [Humanism] - V072

Gosling: Requiem For A Parish [Parishes] - v068

Graham: Adoro te devote (poem) [Poem] - v042

Graham: Christian Democracy [Christian democracy] - v055

Graham: Christian Democracy (Concluded) [Christian democracy] - v055

Graham: Poetry and prayer [Prayer] - v039

Graham: Religion and Conduct [Religion] - v053

Graham: Religious instruction [Religion] - v051

Graham: The Christ Of The Gospels [Christianity] - V077

Graham: The Constitution On The Nature Of The Church [Vatican Ii] - V075

Graham: This Existentialism [Existentialism] - v054

Green: Enshrouded In Silence [Shroud] - V074

Green: France, a missionary country? [France] - v051

Greenlees: Gabriele d'annunzi0 - the poet [D'Annunzio] - v043

Gretton: The Atlantic Battle Won [War 1939, Atlantic] - V073

Grey: The Boys Republic [Republica de Ragazzi] - v068

Griffiths: Catholic Activity at Oxford [Oxford] - v055

Grisewood: The Primacy Of The Spiritual [Maritain (Garonne,Review)] - V073

H"": Only An Old Maid (Baroness Thecla) [Conversion] - v003

Hadcock: A Description of the Churches of Toul [Toul] - v027

Hadcock: Abbot cummins, o.s.b. rievaulx abbey [Rievaulx] - v029

Hague: Ruins [Brittany] - v026

Haigh: Autobiography Or Biography? [St Therese Lisieux] - v063

Halliday: Marxist Attitudes To Religion [Marxism] - v068

Halliday: The Prophet Scorned [Vincent Lebbe - China Mission0] - V069

Hamilton-Dalrymple: Holy week in jerusalem [Jerusalem] - v051

Hardie: Paradise Stones [Myth, parable] - v014

Hardie: The Waters Of Fantasy. [Myth, parable] - v015

Hardy: A Greek Version [Versions] - v025

Hardy: Monsignor Benson [Benson] - v022

Hardy: Some Cluniac Customs [Cluny] - v025

Hardy: Some Vulgar Errors [Errors] - v024

Hardy: The ampleforth arms [Ampleforth Arrms] - v029

Hardy: The hastings papers [Hastings ] - v028

Hardy: The Hastings Papers [Hastings] - v026

Hardy: The Hastings Papers, II [Hastings] - v026

Hardy: The Plain Man and the Arts [Art] - v022

Hardy: Treasure Trove [Abbot Yepez on Bl. George Gervase] - v027

Hardy: Two songs for music [Songs] - v030

Haring: Man And Woman [Marriage] - V073

Harrison: Bare Ruined Choirs Remade [Fountains Abbey] - V078A

Hayes: Life On The Ocean Wave [Seamanship] - v001

Hayes: Vestments and vesture [Vestments] - v036

Hedley WS: Sir isaac newton - and after [Newton] - v033

Hedley: A New History Of Wales. [Wales] - v016

Hedley: A Saint And His Immortality. [St Francis de Sales] - v001

Hedley: An Address. [Jubilee] - v015

Hedley: An Order And Its Founder [Redemptorists] - v011

Hedley: An Unpublished Address [Hedley] - v024

Hedley: Bishop Challoner [Challoner] - v015

Hedley: Cardinal Newman [Newman] - v017

Hedley: Cardinal Vaughan [Vaughan, Cardinal] - v016

Hedley: Cardinal Wiseman. [Wiseman] - v003

Hedley: Fifty Years At Ampleforth: Jubilee Address. [Ampleforth] - v018

Hedley: Hypnosis And The Spirits [Hypnosis] - v012

Hedley: Joan Of Arc. [Joan of Arc] - v014

Hedley: No Mean City. [Liverpool] - v013

Hedley: Seven Monks, an Earl And a Knight [Monk MArtyrs of Henry VIII] - v001

Hedley: St Anselms On Tm Aventine. [St Anselmo] - v001

Hedley: St. John Chrysostom. [St John Chrysostom. ] - v013

Hedley: The English Benedictines. [EBC] - v003

Hedley: The Literary Aspects of Public Speaking [Public Speaking] - v025

Hedley: The Ven. Pere Eudes. [St John Eudes] - v013

Hedley: Thirteen Hundred Years Ago. [St Augustine] - v003

Hedley: Two Lives Of St Patrick [St Patrick] - v011

Heenan: The October Synod [Synod Of Bishops] - V075

Herbert: Miraculum Qoutidianum (Poem) [Poem] - v011

Herbert: The Nose And The Pieris: A New Interpretation (Poem) [Poem] - v011

Heu: England and the revolutionary spirit on the contin [Europe] - v049

Hickey: The Holy Eucharist. [Eucharist] - v013

Hickie: Letters from the front [War 1939] - v047

Higham: Sydney Smith And Catholic Toleration [Sydney Smith] - V076

Hind: St Mary's Priory, Princethorpe [Priincethorpe] - v011

Hodgson: Authority In The Scientific Community [Authority] - V074

Hodgson: The Scientific Presuppositions Of Humanae Vitae [Contraception] - V075

Hodgson: Thf. Judaeo-Christian Origin Of Science [Science History] - V079C

Holdsworth, Reardon: Belief - Past And Future [Faith] - V074

Holdsworth: Between Two Worlds [Religion & culture (review, C Dawson)] - v054

Holdsworth: Existentialist Theology [Existentialism] - v055

Holdsworth: Mary, Conceived Without Sin, 1854-1954 [Mary] - v059

Holdsworth: Monastic Mission [Mission] - v063

Holdsworth: No Surrender (Review, Bethge, 1970) [Bonhoeffer] - V076

Holdsworth: Our Lady And Redemption [Our Lady] - v064

Holdsworth: Papal Definition [Assumption BMV] - v056

Hollings: Mission [Mission] - V062

Honore: To Know God, First Know Thyself [Newman] - V073

Hope: Charles Lamb (Prize Essay) [Lamb] - v012

Hope: Master And Man [Catholic economic theory] - v056

Hope: Robert Hugh Benson, Novelist [Benson] - v020

Hope: Some Novel Reflections [Novel] - v021

Hope: The Novels of Mr William De Morgan [De Morgan] - v019

Hostel: The ampleforth hostel [Hostel] - v043

Howard: From Africa With Love [African Mission] - V069

Howard: The Motor Missio In East Anglia [East Anglia Mission] - v017

Hughes: Catholic Anti-Infallibilism [Infallibility] - V076

Hughes: Modernism Re-Observed [Modernism] - V077

Hughes: Newman On Anglican Orders [Anglican Orders] - V073

Hughes: The Unresolved Problem Of Anglican Orders [Anglican Orders] - V073

Hume: A Tragedy (Charles Davis) [Davis, Charles] - V072

Hume: Some Recent Books On The Mass [Mass] - v057

Hunter-Blair: Oxford As It Is. [Oxford] - v015

Hunter-Blair: The benedictines of s. paulo [Sao Paulo] - v029

Hunter-Blair: The treasures of the incas [Incas] - v028

Hunter: Greek Version [Version] - v020

Hunter: Greek Version. [Version] - v018

HUnter: Humour in Hellas. [Greek] - v019

Hunter: Iphigenia in Tauris (Review) [Greek] - v020

Hunter: Latin Version. [Version] - v018

Hutchison: Ampleforth Lists 1855-60; 1861-69; 1870-79 [Lists] - v002

Hutchison: Ampleforth Lists 1880-89; 1890-95 [Lists] - v003

Imossi: Al madrugar [Madrugar] - v049

Ingham: Catholics and the press [Press, media] - v035

Ingham: Salley abbey in the west riding of yorkshire [Sawley Abbey] - v037

Ippolito: Archbishop Manning's Championship Of Papal Infallibility 1867-1872 [Manning] - V077

Johnson: Liberal anglicanism [Anglicans] - v036

Keeler: Louis le cardonnel [De Cardonnel] - v042

Kelly, Stephenson: Newman's Theory Of The Development Of Doctrine Under Fire [Newman] - V073

Kelly: Colored [America] - v056

Kelly: On the Hill [Poem] - v026

King: Horizons (poem) p.h.k. [Poem] - v052

King: Recusant winchester [Winchester] - v044

King: St Louis Shack [St Louis Priory] - V061

King: The mass (poem) [Mass] - v050

Knowles: Regularis Concordia: Millennium Conference, Authentic Charisms [Regularis Concordia] - V076

Knowles: Two Monastic Symposia on 19th Century Monastic History (Review) [Monastic History: Cassinese; Maredsous] - V079B

Knox: Panegyric (abt matthews) [Abbot Matthews] - v044

Knox: Pentecost [Pentecost] - v053

Knox: Virgil's religious outlook [Virgil] - v035

Lamb: Dante - exul immeritus [Dante] - v046

LDS: The Fourth Magus [Story] - v018

Leclercq: Multipluralism [Monastic life] - V076

Lefanu: First Time To Lourdes [Lourdes] - V073

Lejeune: Religion Is Not About Social Justice [Social Justice] - V071

Leland: Leland, the king's antiquary [Leleand] - v032

Lescher: The Chaplain's Point of View [Chaplains, military] - v055

Lewis: On Praising God [Delight In Praise] - V070

Lewis: The Abolition Of Man : Part Iii [Education - Morality - Tao] - V070

Linnan: The Search For Absolute Holiness ; A Study Of Nkwman's Evangelical Period [Newman] - V073

Livingstone: Livingstone Cross (Review, Cross, 1974) [Oxford Dictionary of the Christian church] - V079C

Llewellyn: From Patriarchate To Papacy [Papacy] - V076

Loftus: Autumn in the yorkshire woods [Poem] - v035

Loftus: Chanterell, a dawn [Poem] - v035

Loftus: Night on tinker's marshes [Poem] - v036

Loftus: The hunter asks of saint francis of the birds [Poem] - v037

Loftus: The stranger of the ulysses (poem) [Poem] - v037

Longley: Saint Margaret Clitherow, Her Trial: A Reply [St Margaret Clitheroe] - V076

Longley: The Trial Of Margaret Clitherow [Cltheroe] - V075

Louis: For A Better Understanding Of Italy [Italy] - V061

Louis: Fray Luis De Granada [Luis Granada] - V062

Louis: The Literature Of Uruguay [Uraguay] - v066

Louis: Three South American Novels [Spanish Literature] - v067

Lowe: Abortion Law Reform [Abortion] - V071

Lunn: Two New Benedictine Saints [St Ambrose Barlow] - V075

Lunn: Two New Benedictine Saints [St John Roberts] - V075

Macauley: Doctor Robert Rattrie [Rattrie] - V071

Macauley: The Perfect Family [Fatherhood Of God0] - V073

Macmillan: Compressed Ayer [Philosophy] - v057

Magee: Mr brian magee and the english recusants [Recusants] - v044

March-Phillipps: If i must die . . . (poem) [Poem] - v048

Marc'Hadour: The Field Is Won (Review, EE Reynolds [St Thomas More] - V075

Marron: A Life Of Exile [Refugees] - v064

Martelli: Poem [Poem] - v056

Martin: Art and handicraft [Art & Craft] - v034

Martin: Poem [Poem] - v056

Marwood: Horace, The Poet-Essayist [Horace] - v020

Marwood: Spenser's Faerie Queene [Spenser] - v022

Marwood: The Development of Milton's Genius [Milton] - v020

Mathews: The Ideal Of Catholic Education. [Education] - v018

Matthews: Bishop Hedley And The Pastoral Office [Hedley] - v011

Matura: Taize And The Catholic Church [Taize] - V072

Mccabe: Transubstantiation And The Real Presence [Transubstantiation] - V074

McCann: A Character Sketch of St Benedict [St benedict] - v026

McCann: A ladder of four rungs [Ladder] - v030

McCann: A Literary Predecessor 1 [Student publications] - v021

McCann: A Literary Predecessor. II [Student publications] - v021

McCann: A reformation chronicle [Reformation] - v039

McCann: A Sarum Missal [Missal] - v024

McCann: A Sarum Missal. II. [Missal] - v024

McCann: Ampleforth at oxford [St Benet's Hall] - v044

McCann: Bakeriana [Baker] - v033

McCann: Bolton manuscript (part i) [Bolton MS] - v050

McCann: Dame gertrude's devotions [More] - v034

McCann: Dr Stephen Goffe, 1605: Royalist Agent and Oratorian [Goffe, Stephen] - v054

McCann: Fr baker on libraries [Baker] - v046

McCann: Fr baker's devotions [Baker] - v034

McCann: History v. Hagiography [Hagiography] - v027

McCann: Mark of Monte Cassino [Monte Cassino] - v027

McCann: Natural History Of Selborne [Selborne] - v014

McCann: Saint Benedict and the Master [Rule of the Master] - v055

McCann: St Benet's Hall, Oxford [St Benet's Hall] - v031

McCann: Ten More Baker MSS [Baker, Augustine] - v063

McCann: The bolton manuscript (part ii) [Bolton] - v051

McCann: The cloud of unknowing [Cloud of Unknowing] - v029

McCann: The early history of the benedictine medal [Benedictine Medal] - v038

McCann: The Frogs At Ampleforth. [Greek Play] - v018

McCann: The later history of the. benedictine medal [Benedictine Medal] - v038

McCann: The Lost Atlantis. [Atlantis] - v017

Mccann: The Master And St Benedict [St Benedict] - v064

McCann: The Sons Of Homer. [Homer] - v015

McCann: The translation of saint benedict [St Benedict] - v042

McCann: Virgil the Magician [Virgil] - v025

McClelland: The Universities" Catholic Education Board And The Chaplains, 1895-1939 [Chaplains, University] - V078A

Mccormack: Population Explosion I Myth Or Reality? [Population] - V077

McDonald: Fighting in South-West Africa [War 1914] - v022

McDonnell: Lorca After Twenty Years [Lorca] - v063

McDonnell: Utopia Accomplished [Mexico Jesuits] - V061

Mcelligott, Robertson: Beethoven And The Mass [Beethoven] - V075

McElligott: Church music [Church Music] - v030

Mcelligott: God And Beauty [Beauty] - V077

McElligott: Prose [Prose] - v026

McElligott: Shakespeare Tercentenary (an Address) [Shakespeare] - v022

McElligott: The Bradfield Play And The Story Of Orestes. [Greek Play] - v017

McElligott: To-Day [Today] - v027

McEwen: Joan the Saint [St Joan of Arc] - v053

Mckenzie: The Freedom Of The Christian [Freedom] - V071

McLaughlin: A conference on reunion [Ecumenism] - v035

Mclaughlin: A Dialogue On Socialism. [Social Justice] - v013

McLaughlin: A much quoted passage [St Augustine OSB] - v030

McLaughlin: Bishop hedley [Hedley, Bp] - v036

McLaughlin: Bishop hedley's essays [Hedley, Bp] - v037

McLaughlin: Bonum Habes Artificem (St Ambrose) [Poem] - v013

McLaughlin: Cardinal Mercier's Philsophy (Review) [Mercer, Cardinal] - v022

McLaughlin: First Thoughts in Canada [Canada] - v019

McLaughlin: Fr Baker's Obscurity [Baker, Augustine] - v027

McLaughlin: From a spanish sonnet [Poem] - v038

McLaughlin: Katherine Tynan [Tynan] - v018

McLaughlin: Life As A Directive Agency [Life] - v011

Mclaughlin: Making An Honest If Agonising Choice [Contraception] - V077

McLaughlin: On The Pronunciaton Of Greek [Greek] - v011

McLaughlin: Religion and mental environment [Religion] - v036

McLaughlin: Rievaulx (Poem) [Poem] - v011

McLaughlin: Shadows And Rays. [Poem] - v017

Mclaughlin: Shakespeare'S Casuistry [Shalespeare] - v013

McLaughlin: The 1910 Catholic Congress. [Catholic Congress] - v016

McLaughlin: The Arch Abbey [Spanish Benedictine Congregation] - v025

McLaughlin: The cloud of unknowing [Cloud of Unknowing] - v030

McLaughlin: The Dawn (poem) [Poem] - v023

McLaughlin: The King's Visit. [Poem] - v014

McLaughlin: The Light of the World [Poem] - v021

McLaughlin: The North Hill at Calgary [Calgary] - v020

McLaughlin: The Pines [Poem] - v017

McLaughlin: The Rebel. (Poem) [Poem] - v019

McLaughlin: Translating St. Thomas. [St Thomas Aquinas] - v017

McLaughlin: Two Sonnets [Poem] - v018

McLaughlin: Work Or Charity? [Social Justice] - v015

Mcloughlin: Mixed Marriages [Marriage] - V074

McLuaghlin: Psalms in english rhythm [Psalms] - v042

McMillan: Casual thoughts on truth and error [Philosophy] - v052

Medawar: The Phenomenon Of Man [Teilhard] - V071

Mercier: Ministry And Ordination [Orders] - V079A

Meredith: Forced Acts [Prayer] - V076

Middleton-Stewart: The Penalties Of Greatness [Leonardo da Vinci] - v059

Milburn: A Soma Notes On Early Classic Art [Art] - v012

Milburn: Some Notes On Early Classic Art [Art] - v012

Milburn: Some Notes On Early Classic Art. [Art] - v013

Miles: On the Use of Poetry [Poetry] - v055

Miller: Notes on Rievaulx [Rievaulx] - v026

Milroy: Celibacy : A Monastic Attitude [Celibacy] - V080A

Milroy: Fenelon And Humane Education [Fenelon] - v060

Milroy: Impressions Of America [America] - v056

Milroy: James Bond [Bond Dossier (Amis, Review)] - V071

Milroy: Reporters At The Vatican Council [Vatican Ii] - v068

Milroy: Stage And Screen [Drama] - V062

Milroy: The Centipede Which Forgot How To Run [Conscience] - V071

Monchen: The catholic church in the netherlands [Holland] - v048

Montgomery: The Seven Churches [St Philip Neri, Rome] - v054

Moore: Daniel o'connell 1775- 1847 [O'Connell] - v052

Moore: Salvation Is Political [Revolutionary Change] - V072

Moore: The Royal Supremacy And Full Communion [Ecumenism] - V077

Moorman: The Franciscans In England, 1224-1974 [Franciscans] - V079B

Moray: Border Disputes [Science & Religion] - v064

More: The Holbein drawing of more [St Thomas More] - v040

Morison: The papacy and world peace [Pope] - v051

Morland: Poem [Poem] - v063

Morley-Mower: Letter To A Catholic Officer [Catholicism in services] - V062

Morris: Christ After The Flesh [Patristic interpretations] - V080A

Muggeridge: Is There A God? [Faith] - V071

Murphy: Dublin in congress week [Dublin] - v038

Murray: New York [New York] - v057

Nelson: The Byland Trinity Preserved at Ampleforth Abbey [Byland] - v023

Nevill: Liberty And Responsibility For Boys. [Education] - v018

Newman: Cardinal Newman - 1 [Man Has A Work To Do] - V071

Newman: Cardinal Newman - 2 [Church Always The Same] - V071

Newman: Cardinal Newman - 3 [Truth And Error] - V071

Newman: Cardinal Newman - 4 [Church & Non-Christians] - V072

Newman: Cardinal Newman - 5 [Corruption In The Church] - V072

Nikodim: Relations Between Orthodox And Catholics [Ecumenism] - V070

O'Connor: Paul claudel [Claudel] - v038

O'donovan: The Priory Of St Louis [St Louis] - v066

O'donovan: The Whistle Of The Axe War In The Holy Land [Israel] - V072

O'Mahony: Birkenhead and the fighting fifties [Birkenhead] - v038

O'Mahony: Some tunes and their kindred [Tunes] - v036

Oddie: Smile - Or Else ! [America, advertising] - v063

Ogilvie-Forbes: The rivers of rievaulx [Rievaulx] - v037

Old Boys: Letters from the front [War 1939] - v049

Orchard, Wansbrough: The Holy Bible [Bible Study] - V075

Orchard: The Growth Of The Biblical Movement In England, 1940-1970 [Bible Study] - V075

Ould: The Rhythmical Accompaniment of Plain Chant [Plainsong] - v021

Oxford: Letters of an assistant district commissioner [Colonies] - v049

O'Connor: To St Benedict [Poem] - v025

Pantin: Canterbury college, oxford [Oxford monks] - v029

Parker: Catholic evidence work. part ii [Catholic Evidence Guild] - v031

Parker: Catholic evidence. work [Catholic Evidence Guild] - v031

Parker: Forgotten Shrines. [Review (of Bede Camm)] - v017

Parker: Newman centenary: a footnote [Newman] - v051

Pattinson & Jeffcott: A Bird In The Lens [Birds] - v064

Paul: Two songs from the latin [Poem] - v052

Pell: The Root Of Church Power And Authority [Authority] - V075

Pentony: Six Weeks In An African Village. [Ceres, RSA] - v003

Pernyes: Capital versus labour [Politics] - v052

Philawnys: Our Friends The Birds [Birds] - v011

Pius XII: Fulgens radiatur [Benedict, St] - v052

Plumb: A Victorian Monk-Musician: Fr J. E. Turner [Turner, Egbert] - V079B

Poem: Ashen comfort (poem) [Poem] - v042

Poem: Poem [Poem] - v035

Poem: Reges tharsis et insulae munera offerent (poem) [Poem] - v043

Poem: Requievit deus ab omni opere (poem) [Poem] - v045

Poem: The journey (poem) [Poem] - v042

Poem: The welcomeâ€"poem [Poem] - v046

Poems: A bundle of poems [Poem] - v039

Poems: Grief (poem) [Poem] - v041

Poems: Poems: the showing; st thomas and beauty [Poem] - v044

Poems: Two prayers [Poem] - v041

Poole: Two Poems [Poems] - V061

Potts: Freedom Within The Church [Freedom] - V071

Potts: One (poem) [Poem] - v042

Prest: A Procurator In Rome - Letters [Prest] - v016

Prest: A Procurator In Rome. (2) [Prest] - v016

Prest: Letters to a Procurator in Rome. [Barber, President] - v019

Price: Ampleforth 1802-1952 [Sequicentenary] - v057

Price: The spirit of history [History] - v049

Price: Wales and the. reformation [Wales] - v048

Rabnett B: Over the canadian rockies in a ford [Canada] - v038

Raby: Imagination and the philosopher [Philosophy] - v037

Raine: Blake And The Present Generation [Blake] - V077

Raine: Blake?S Last Judgment [Balke] - V076

Raine: Wordsworth And Blake I Two Views On Nature [Wordsworth] - V079A

Randall: The Vatican And European Politics, 1922-1945 [Vatican] - V078B

Reardon, Holdsworth: Belief - Past And Future [Faith] - V074

Reardon: Richard Simpson And English Liberal Catholicism [Simpson, Richard] - V079A

Reardon: The Modernist Movement In Retrospect [Modernism] - V075

Reardon: Von Hugel And The Modernist Movement [Modernism] - V074

Reid: Intermediate Technology [Technology] - V078C

Richards: Religion And Science In Seventeenth Century France [France] - v059

Richardson A: Man, The Universe And The Second Coming [Science And The Judgement] - V072

Richardson: A New Catholic Commenttary (Review, Rc Fuller) [Bible Study] - V075

Richardson: Ian Ramsey Of Durham [Ramsey, Ian] - V079B

Richardson: The Earliest Hymn Of Christ [Philippians 2] - V073

Richardson: To Save What Was Lost [York Minster Structure] - V073

Richens: The Close Of The Gregorian Era [Liturgy] - V076

Rigby: Passiontide (Poem) [Poem] - v054

Rimmer: Blessed alban roe [St Alban Roe] - v035

Rimmer: Blessed alban roe - tercentenary [St Alban roe] - v047

Rimmer: Poverty and Riches [Social Justice] - v054

Rimmer: Towards a new order [Scial Justice] - v046

Rimmer: Two Cities [History in the syllabus] - v053

Roberts: A Speech To The Council [Conscientious Objection] - V071

Robertson, Mcelligott: Beethoven And The Mass [Beethoven] - V075

Robinson: Layman Saint [St Thomas More] - v058

Rochford: Kisht, lagash, and ur of the chaldees [Ancient Middle East ] - v031

Rochford: The rhesus of euripides [Euripides] - v029

Rodzianko: Orthodox And Catholic [Orthodox] - V072

Romanes: Spain and the world revolution [Spain] - v043

Romani: Nuns, Priests And Monks In Yorks. [Yorkshire] - v015

Rope: A glimpse of mediaeval letters [Medieval Life] - v035

Rope: A glimpse of plowden [Plowden] - v037

Rope: A Latin Pilgrimage (1913) [Latin] - v021

Rope: A Mediaevalist in Rome [Rome] - v024

Rope: A Medievalist in Rome [Rome] - v024

Rope: A Medievalist in Rome [Rome] - v025

Rope: A poem [Poem] - v028

Rope: An early elizabethan observer [Bullein, William] - v040

Rope: Ancilla Religionis [Poem] - v022

Rope: Bells in Rome (Poem) [Poem] - v019

Rope: Forgotten england [Village Memories, 1923 (review)] - v029

Rope: From the bacch/e of eltripides [Euripides] - v034

Rope: In Memoriam Charles B Whitefoord CF (Poem) [Whiteford] - v024

Rope: Is gothic still possible ? [Gothic] - v030

Rope: Poem [Poem] - v026

Rope: Poem [Poem] - v027

Rope: Poetry: across the longmynd [Poem] - v032

Rope: Pontesford revisited [Poem] - v032

Rope: Robin Hood - Yorkshireman And Catholic [Rope] - V062

Rope: Rocca di papa [Rocca di Papa] - v044

Rope: Saint Edward [St Edward] - V061

Rope: The altar-hallowing [Poem] - v032

Rope: The First May Sunshine [Poem] - v023

Rope: The nobility of james ii [JAmes II] - v048

Rope: Travel (poem) [Poem] - v037

Roulin: The Miniature Basilica of Filey [Filey] - v026

Rowell: The Dream Of Geront1us [Newman] - V073

Ruiz de Argaio: Buccaneer and martyr [Bl George Gervase] - v040

Rusholme: Newman?S Idea Of A University Reconsidered [Newman] - V076

Sandeman: A Spiritual Aeneid : Laurence Eyres, 1892-1966 [Eyres] - V072

Sandeman: Catholic Education For The Modern World [Education] - V070

Sandeman: Laurence Shepherd, 1825-85 [Shepherd] - V080C

Sandhurst: Exploitation [Apologetics, simple] - v053

Sasse: Eros Denied [Marriage] - V071

Saundby: Dowding And The Battle Of Britain [Battle Of Britain] - V075

Scarfe: Some Spanish Impressions [Spain] - V061

Schiller: The Fight With The Dragon. From Schiller'S Ballad [Poem] - v015

Schumacher: Rich North And Poor South [Social Justice] - V079C

Seward: Icon: Image Of The Divine [Icons] - V074

Sharratt: The Processes Of Theology [Theology] - V077

Shepherd: A Fairy Tale of Literary History [Fancy, Imagination] - v022

Shepherd: Catholics As Super-Pharisees [Parish Attitudes0] - V069

Sheppard: A Fourth-Century Catholic Apologist [Optatus, Milevis] - v023

Sheppard: Religion and science [Religion & Science] - v032

Sheppard: The Bible in England [Bible] - v027

Shewring: Covetousness?st. ambrose autpert [Ambrose Autpert] - v048

Shewring: Greek literature 1 [Greek Literature ] - v041

Shewring: Greek literature 2 [Greek Literature ] - v042

Shewring: Greek literature 3 [Greek Literature ] - v045

Shewring: Greek literature 4 - its poetry [Greek Literature ] - v042

Shewring: Hymn translations [Translation] - v044

Shewring: Love of the poor - st gregory of nyssa [St Gregoy Nyssa] - v047

Shewring: Odysseus and nausicaa [Odyssey] - v035

Shewring: St gregory the great? homily on st luke xvi, 19-31 [St Gregory ] - v049

Shewring: The accentual cursus in ecclesiastical latin [Latin rhythm] - v036

Shewring: The mission of the apostles (st john chrysostom) [Sermon] - v051

Shewring: The office hymns of john dryden [Dryden] - v039

Shewring: The Presence of Christ: St John Chrysostom [St Jhn Chrysostom] - v054

Shewring: Version of 0 mistress mine [Poem] - v035

Shorter: Christian Theology In Africa [African Mission] - V070

Sitwell: John Cuthbert Hedley [Hedley] - V074

Sitwell: St Benet's Hall 1899-1949 [St Benets] - v054

Sitwell: St Thomas More's Dialogue [St Thomas More] - v056

Sitwell: The ancren riwle [Ancren Riwle] - v036

Sitwell: The brandsby mission [Brandsby] - v044

Sitwell: The mysticism of the ancren riwle [Ancren Riwle] - v037

Smiley: A poet's view of poetry [Poetry] - v047

Smiley: In defence of beards [Beards] - v046

Smiley: Polidori The Physician [Polidori] - V076

Smiley: Public Schools In Fact And Fiction Part I [Public Schools] - V070

Smiley: Public Schools In Fact And Fiction Part Ii [Public Schools] - V070

Smiley: Reason in Religion [Reason] - v053

Smiley: The Technique Of Scepticism [Scepticism] - v056

Smiley: Thief of Song [Francis Thompson] - v054

Smiley: Virgilian epitaphs [Virgil] - v048

Smiley: Wittgenstein [Wittgenstein] - v058

Smith & Hill: As Blind, And Yet We See Poem [Poem] - V069

Smith: Buckfast Abbey [Buckfast] - v065

Smith: Gilling Castle and the Fairfax Family [Gilling Castle] - v001

Smith: In Praise Of Dante 1265-1965 [Dante] - V070

Smith: Some Account Of The Architectural History Of The A [Mont St Michel] - v001

Smith: The Frog-Prince [Poem] - V070

Smith: Welburn Hall, Kirbymoorside [Welburn Hall] - v001

Smyth: The leaden and the golden echo [Fear of death] - v049

Speaight: In Memoriam ". Herbert Read [Read, H] - V073

Speaight: Jacques Maritain [Maritain] - V078C

Speaight: Shakespeare'S Religious Ambivalence [Shakespeare] - V079C

Spearritt: A Baker Centenary [Baker] - V080C

Stacpoole M: Aden 1967—Licence To Kill? [Aden War] - V073

Stacpoole: Alan Richardson, K.B.E., M.A., D.D. [Richardson, Alan] - V080B

Stacpoole: Bishop Butler On The State Of The Church [Vatican Ii] - V077

Stacpoole: Catalogues of medieval reiligious houses (Review, Knowles &c 1971) [Medieval monasteries] - V078A

Stacpoole: Increasingly Active Participation [Liturgy] - V075

Stacpoole: On Anglican Orders Again [Anglican Orders] - V073

Stacpoole: On Englishing The Canon Of The Mass [Liturgy, Translation] - V073

Stacpoole: Shifts In The Emphasis Of Papal And Episcopal Authority [Authority] - V074

Stacpoole: The Disintegration Of An Old Culture [Change] - V072

Stacpoole: The Encyclical [Humanae Vitae] - V073

Stacpoole: The Institutionalisation Of The Church In The Middle Ages [Medieval Church] - V073

Stacpoole: The Making Of A Monastic Historian - 1 [Knowles, David] - V080A

Stacpoole: The Making Of A Monastic Historian - 2 [Knowles, David] - V080B

Stacpoole: Third International Ecumenical Conference : Ecumenical Society Of The Blessed Virgin Mary [International Society BVM] - V080C

Stacpoole: Toe Making Of A Monastic Historian - 3 [Knowles, David] - V080C

Stevenson & Ors: The Russian Expedition [Russia] - V071

Stevenson: Faith Is Reason [Faith] - V071

Stevenson: Life Is A Lousy Drag Pt1 [Values, search (Coleburt; review)] - v066

Stevenson: On Being Bored At Mass Pt 1 [Liturgy] - v068

Stevenson: On Being Bored At Mass: Part Ii [Liturgy] - v068

Stevenson: Poems [Poem] - v068

Stevenson: The Age Of Dissolution [Western crisis] - v065

Stevenson: The Christian Churches Of The East [Eastern Churches] - v067

Stewart: The Technological Revolution [Technology] - V074

Stonor: Hugh dormer's diaries [Dormer] - v052

Strange: Liberal Theology And The Dogmatic Principle [Liberal theology] - V080C

Strange: Newman On Infallibility, 1870 And 1970 [Newman] - V080A

Strotmann: Sobornost : Aspects Of Eastern Orthodoxy [Orthodoxy] - V074

Stuart-Douglas: St aidan [St Aidan] - v044

Suenens: L'eglise Face Au Temps (tr. M.Burns) [Church in history] - V075

Sutherland: Monte cassino 1947 [Monte Cassino 1947] - v052

Sutton: Borstal [Borstal] - v045

Sykes: Rise And Decline Of The Empire Of The Arabs - 6 [Arabs] - v018

Sykes: The Monks And Puritans Of The Desert. A Contrast. [Coptic monastery - St Anthony] - v017

Sykes: The Rise and Decline of the Empire of the Arabs [Arabs] - v020

Sykes: The Rise and Decline of the Empire of the Arabs [Arabs] - v020

Sykes: The Rise and Decline of the Empire of the Arabs [Arabs] - v020

Sykes: The Rise and Decline of the Empire of the Arabs [Arabs] - v021

Sykes: The Rise And Decline Of The Empire Of The Arabs - [Arabs] - v017

Sykes: The Rise And Decline Of The Empire Of The Arabs - [Arabs] - v018

Sykes: The Rise and Decline of the Empire of the Arabs - [Arabs] - v019

Sykes: The Rise and Decline of the Empire of the Arabs -1 [Arabs] - v019

Sykes: The Rise and Decline of the Empire of the Arabs. [Arabs] - v019

Tanner: Towards An African Catholicism [African Christianity] - v068

Taunton: Nenia (Poem) [Poem] - v018

Thomas aKempis: Thomas a kempis on poverty [Poverty] - v050

Thomas: Return To Reality [Philosophy] - v059

Todhunter, Fisher: Full Communion [Ecumenism] - V077

Towers & Ors: Secular Marriage Becomes A Saving Reality A Teilhardian Gathering (Review) [Teilhard] - V073

Towers: Scientific Master Versus Pioneer [Teilhard And Medawar] - V072

Toynbee: Castle howard - poem [Poem] - v046

Toynbee: Japan In An Unstable World [Japan] - V077

Trafford: Mater Et Magistra [Catholic Social Teaching] - v067

Trevor: A Newman Gathering (Review) [Newman] - V073

Trevor: Too Much Talk About The Church? [Church] - V072

Trevor: Two Men: One Lesson - Post-Conciliar Problems [Vtican Ii] - V072

Tucker: Catholic Disabilities - Past And Present [Catholic disabilities] - v018

Tucker: Catholic Disabilities—Past and Present [Catholic Disabilities] - v019

Tugendhat: America : Part II [America] - V070

Tugendhat: America Part I [America] - v070

Turner & Ors: Secular Marriage Becomes A Saving Reality A Teilhardian Gathering (Review) [Teilhard] - V073

Turner: A Plea For Polychromy. [Colour painting in churches] - v001

Turner: Abbot edward kirkby [Abbot Kirkby] - v043

Turner: Ampleforth buildings [Ampleforth Buildings] - v044

Turner: Ampleforth buildings (continued) [Ampleforth Buildings] - v045

Turner: Dies memorabilis [Dies Memorabilis] - v051

Turner: The Church By The Moor, Continued. [Kirbymoorside] - v003

Turner: The New Church, Ampleforth [Ampleforth village] - v012

Turner: The New Church, Ampleforti [Ampleforth village] - v013

Turner: The story of the abbey land (part v) [Abbey Lands ] - v048

Turner: The story of the abbey lands part i [Abbey Lands ] - v046

Turner: The story of the abbey lands part ii [Abbey Lands ] - v046

Turner: The story of the abbey lands part iii [Abbey Lands ] - v047

Turner: The story of the abbey lands part iv [Abbey Lands ] - v047

Unknown: The New Herodotus [War 1914: ironic comparison] - v023

Unsigned: A Fief Of The Holy See (Review) [England] - v011

Unsigned: A Laurentian Book-Plate [Book plate] - v015

Unsigned: A Red Cross Entertainment [War 1914] - v023

Unsigned: A Translation [All Monks - Vesper hymn] - v027

Unsigned: A Visit To See the Bradford Passion Play, 1896. [Passion Play] - v001

Unsigned: Abbot Basil Hume [Basl Hume] - v068

Unsigned: Abbot smith [Abbot Smith] - v030

Unsigned: Ampleforth and the War [War 1914] - v020

Unsigned: Ampleforth and the War [War 1914] - v020

Unsigned: Ampleforth and the War [War 1914] - v021

Unsigned: Ampleforth and the War [War 1914] - v022

Unsigned: Ampleforth and the War [War 1914] - v023

Unsigned: Ampleforth and the War [War 1914] - v024

Unsigned: Ampleforth and the War [War 1914] - v025

Unsigned: Ampleforth and the War [War 1914] - v021

Unsigned: Ampleforth and the War [War 1914] - v021

Unsigned: Ampleforth At Poplar [Poplar Youth Club] - v065

Unsigned: An old boy's memories [Abbot Matthews] - v044

Unsigned: Bede Jarrett [Jarett] - v058

Unsigned: Bernardus doctor mellifluus [St Bernard] - v038

Unsigned: Bird Notes From The Greek Classics [Greek] - v012

Unsigned: Bishop Baines And The Cardinalate [Baines] - v015

Unsigned: Bishop Hedley and Ampleforth: Introduction - Ode t [Hedley] - v021

Unsigned: Communism : the peril in our midst [Communsm] - v044

Unsigned: Dawn On Rievaulx Abbey. [Poem] - v013

Unsigned: Easter 1952 [Sesquicentenary] - v057

Unsigned: Fifty years [Ampleforth Journal] - v050

Unsigned: Five Years To Lourdes [Lourdes] - v066

Unsigned: From The New Terrace [Ampleforth] - v011

Unsigned: Furness Abbey [Furness] - v012

Unsigned: Handing On The Torch [Vernacular - Satire] - V070

Unsigned: Holy Week And Easter, Ampleforth, 1970 [Liturgy] - V075

Unsigned: Hymn Of Father Postgate [Poem] - v016

Unsigned: International Ecumenical Conference: Ecumenical Society Of The Blessed Virgin Mary [Ecumenical Society BVM] - V078B

Unsigned: Jubilee Of Fr Raynal O.S.B. (Illustrated) [Raynal] - v003

Unsigned: Laity And Council [Vatican Ii] - v068

Unsigned: Laurence Sterne At Coxwold [Sterne] - v001

Unsigned: Liberty in education [Education] - v049

Unsigned: Lourdes, 1953 [Lourdes] - v059

Unsigned: Medieval Travel and Travellers [Medieval] - v022

Unsigned: Note on the parish of warwick bridge [Warwick Bridge] - v028

Unsigned: Notes About Some Ampleforth Monks Of Past Days [Ampleforth] - v058

Unsigned: Old Drilling Days [Memoirs] - v065

Unsigned: Old Drilling Days, With Snapshots At Old Drilling [Drill] - v001

Unsigned: On The Pronunciation Of Latin [Latin] - v011

Unsigned: Our Duty Towards God [Religion] - v060

Unsigned: Papal Allocution [Pope] - v065

Unsigned: Pope John Xxiii [John Xxiii] - v064

Unsigned: Pope Pius Xii [Pius Xii] - v064

Unsigned: Queen of the Ages (Review) [Stebbing (History of the Church)] - v021

Unsigned: Shouting with the largest [Apathy] - v049

Unsigned: Some Benedictine Letters Of The Seventeenth Centur [Benedictines] - v011

Unsigned: Some recollections of fr cuthbert almond [Almond] - v032

Unsigned: Some War Notes. [War 1914] - v024

Unsigned: St George's Club, Poplar [Youth Club] - v067

Unsigned: St George'S Club, Poplar [Poplar Youth Club] - v065

Unsigned: St George'S, Poplar [Youth Club] - V070

Unsigned: St Louis Priory Church [St Louis] - v067

Unsigned: St Mary'S Abbey, Colwich [Colwich] - v065

Unsigned: St. Benedict's Priory, Colwich (Contd.) [Colwich] - v012

Unsigned: St. Benedict's Priory, Colwich [Colwich] - v014

Unsigned: The Ampleforth Hut [War 1914] - v024

Unsigned: The Ampleforth War Memorial [War Memorial] - v024

Unsigned: The Ampleforth War Memorial [War Memorial] - v024

Unsigned: The Ampleforth War Memorial [War Memorial] - v025

Unsigned: The Ampleforth War Memorial [War Memorial] - v025

Unsigned: The benedictines of talacre abbey [Talacre] - v033

Unsigned: The Blessing Of The Abbot [Basil Hume] - v068

Unsigned: The Byland Pilgrimage [Byland] - v060

Unsigned: The Church By The Moor - 1 [Kirbymoorside] - v003

Unsigned: The College Diary [Diary] - v001

Unsigned: The consecration of the new choir [Abbey Church] - v032

Unsigned: The Downside Centenary [Downside] - v020

Unsigned: The Edinburgh Festival: Three Impressions [Edinburgh Festval] - v054

Unsigned: The Eucharistic Congress. Impressions Of An Anglican [Eucharistic Congress] - v014

Unsigned: The Evolution Of Chastity [Chastity] - V080A

Unsigned: The Fishers Of Holbeck [Holbeck] - v012

Unsigned: The Golden Jubilee Iof The Bishop Of Newport [Hedley] - v018

Unsigned: The Greek Play At Downside [Greek Play] - v003

Unsigned: The King against Father Bolton [Bolton] - v025

Unsigned: The Laying of the Foundation-Stone of the Preparat [Preparatory] - v020

Unsigned: The Martyrs Of Compiegne And The English Bendictines (Cambrai, Stanbrook) [Compiegne] - v012

Unsigned: The Morocco Of Forty Years Ago. [Morocco] - v014

Unsigned: The New Abbey Church [Abbey Church] - V062

Unsigned: The New Pavilion [Pavilion] - v020

Unsigned: The Oldest Convent In England. (Illustrated) [Bar Convent] - v003

Unsigned: The Ordinary Athenian (Review) [Greek] - v012

Unsigned: The Pope to the People [Pope] - v055

Unsigned: The Preparatory School [Preparatory] - v022

Unsigned: The Venerable English Benedictine Congregation [EBC] - v057

Unsigned: The young christian workers' conference, amplefort [YCW] - v047

Unsigned: To A Friend [Poem] - v016

Unsigned: To Hilaire Belloc (Poem) [Poem] - v058

Unsigned: Visit to an Unknown Shrine [Andechs & Three Hosts] - v019

Unwin: Diary of a Journey to Rome [Rome] - v055

Urquhart: Lord Acton's View of History [Acton] - v023

Various: Fr Paul Nevill [Nevill] - v059

Various: Various Verse [Poem] - v055

Vaughan: Reminiscences of the Late Bishop Hedley [Hedley] - v021

Venator: Hunting cries [Hunting] - v045

Venator: Pedagogue's nightmare [Student voices] - v048

Visitor: The exhibition [Exhibition] - v034

Wadham: Saint Margaret Clitherow, Her Trial On Trial: The Case Against Her [St Margaret Clitheroe] - V076

Wainewright: A Note On Dom Nicholas Fitzjames And His Family. [Fitzjames] - v013

Wainewright: Archdeacons Deprivedunder Queen Elizabeth. [Elizabethan Settlement] - v017

Wainewright: Correspondence. [Steile Dakyns Kempe] - v016

Wainewright: Dr. Gee's Second List. [Gee's Lst] - v016

Wainewright: Prebendaries Deprived Under Queen Elizabeth. [Elizabethan Settlement] - v017

Wainewright: The Harrowing Of Hell (Poem) [Poem] - v016

Wainewright: The Yorkshire Exiles Of 1585. [Recusant Exiles] - v016

Walker: Balkan tragedy [Balkan War] - v047

Walker: New Norcia, Western Australia [New Norcia, WA] - v053

Wansbough: Structure And Authority In The Church Of The New Testament [New Testament] - V073

Wansbrough, Orchard: The Holy Bible [Bible Study] - V075

Wansbrough: From Alpha Particle To Omega Point [Teilhard De Chardin (Rev)] - v065

Wansbrough: The Passover Plot [Passion Narrative] - V071

Ward: Mary ward ii [Mary Ward] - v034

Ward: Thoughts On Self-Education. [Education] - v018

Watkin: An Attempt At The Religious Life. [Little Gidding] - v017

Watkinson: Newman And The Road To Rome [Newman] - V073

Weakland: Creativity And The Spirit [Learning, sacred or secular] - V078A

Weakland: Interior Debate, Exterior Uniformity [Contraception] - V075

Weatherill: Where Was St Ailred Buried? [St Aelred] - V061

Webb: Bees [Bees] - v052

Webb: Michelangelo In The House Of Death [Michelangelo] - V075

Webb: Patterns in the Mud [Biology] - v055

Webb: Regina Mundi [Mary] - v059

Webb: Test-Tube Babies [Test-Tube Babies] - V076

Webb: The ampleforth heronry [Heronry] - v052

Webb: The Venus Of Renunciation [Bronzino (Agnolo di Cosimo)] - V075

Weld-Blundell: Manners and customs in old english schools [Medieval Schools] - v031

Weld-Blundell: Manners and customs in old english schools (2) [Medieval Schools] - v030

Whelan: In memoriam [Poem (RN Barnewall)] - v031

Whittle: Fr Wilfrid Brown [Brown] - v011

Whittle: St. Alban'S, Warrington. [Warrington] - v015

Williams: Imagination and the philosopher [Philosophy] - v036

Williams: Mixed Marriages : A Wrong To Be Righted And A Bridge Be Built? [Marriage] - V073

Williams: The new church [Abbey Church] - v030

Willis: Did He Die On The Cross? [Shroud] - V074

Willson: Bishop hedley and the ampleforth journal [Ampleforth Journal] - v050

Willson: Further Recollections [Memoirs] - v053

Willson: Lewis Carroll. [Cartoll] - v015

Willson: Monkwearmouth [Monkwearmouth] - v030

Willson: Our pre-reformation chalices [Chalices] - v032

Willson: Pre-reformation chalices - ii [Chalices] - v033

Willson: Recollections 1861-1886 [Memories] - v040

Willson: Recollections, 1861-1886 (continued) [Memories] - v041

Willson: Recollections, 1861-1897 (continued) [Memories] - v042

Willson: Saint aelred, abbot of rievaulx [St Aelred] - v037

Willson: The eighth centenary of rievaulx abbey [Rievaulx] - v037

Willson: The fairfaxes of gilling [Fairfaxes] - v035

Willson: The fairfaxes of gilling (concluded) [Fairfaxes] - v036

Willson: The fairfaxes of gilling (continued) [Fairfaxes] - v035

Willson: The fairfaxes of gilling (continued) [Fairfaxes] - v036

Wilson JM: The worcester antiphonar [Worcester] - v031

Wilson: A Mission In Lakeland [Cockermouth] - v012

Wilson: Civil And Eligious Life In York Sixty Years Ago [York] - v003

Wilson: Civil And Religious Life In York Sixty Years Ago, [York] - v003

Wilson: Detachment [St John of the Cross & Cuthbert Butler] - v030

Wilson: Hagiography and history [Hagiography] - v028

Wilson: Hora Novissima (Bernard of Cleeves) [Translation] - v015

Wilson: The Hills And The Woods. [Ireland] - v013

Wilson: The Spirit of St Benedict [St benedict] - v025

Wilson: Western mysticism [Mysticism] - v028

Windlesham: Fallacies Of Confusion [Media and Government0] - V079B

Wolters: Julian Of Norwich [Julian of Norwich] - V078C

Woolett: The Imitatio Christi And Its Author. [Imitation] - v015

Woollett: A Century Before The Reformstion [Paston Letters] - v011

Woollett: A Glance At America Before Columbus [America] - v014

Woollett: New Lights On Old Peru. [Peru] - v014

Woollett: On Savages And Savage Life [Savages] - v012

Woollett: The Irish Round Towers. [Ireland, Towers] - v013

Woollett: The Man In The Iron Mask. [Iron MAsk] - v016

Woollett: The Mysteries Of Current Speech [Language] - v011

Woollett: The Story Of The Last Irish Epic [Irish Epic] - v012

Woollett: Who Are The Gipsies (A New Theory) [Gipsies] - v012

Wrght R: Two Poems [Poem] - V071

Wright: Heraclitus And Christianity [Philosophy of life] - v067

Wright: Monks And Borstal [Borstal] - V072

Yonge: Magic (Poem) [Poem] - v053

Young: The Waterfront [Liverpool] - V062

Young: To Hang Or Not To Hang? [Death Penalty] - v066

Zielicki: Soviet Justice [Russia] - v056

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